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GraphQL API Generator for Prisma ORM

  • Role Creator and maintainer
  • Stack TypeScript, GraphQL, AWS AppSync, AWS CDK, Vite, esbuild, Nunjucks, Micromatch, Vitest, PlanetScale
  • Years 2021 - Current
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Prisma-AppSync is an open-source library that turns your Prisma Schema into a fully-featured GraphQL API, tailored for AWS AppSync.

npx create-prisma-appsync-app@latest

You can literally build and deploy a fully working, secure and scalable GraphQL API in minutes.

  • 500-1,000+ weekly NPM downloads
  • 210+ stars on Github
  • 10+ contributors

Open-Source Contribution

As early adopter and power user of Prisma, I’ve been involved with the Community in various ways, including streaming a talk at Prisma Day: