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Prisma is a fully-typed open-source ORM with best-in-class Developer Experience for working with databases.

Open-source contribution

As early adopter and power user of Prisma, I’ve been involved with the Community in various ways. First streaming a talk at Prisma Day, then creating and maintaining x2 open-source libraries designed to plug with the ORM.

My responsibilities include building new features; writting unit tests; maintaining and iterating on the existing codebases; as well as managing and reviewing the work of other contributors.


Prisma-AppSync is an open-source library that plugs into Prisma ORM to instantly generate a GraphQL API and deploy it on AWS AppSync.

npx create-prisma-appsync-app@latest

With Prisma-AppSync, you can build and deploy a fully working, secure and scalable GraphQL API in under 10 minutes.

  • 500-1,000+ weekly NPM downloads
  • 200+ stars on Github
  • 5+ contributors
  • Used on Production by 5+ projects


Prisma-EdgeQL offers a temporary drop-in replacement solution to use Prisma Client inside Edge environments such as Cloudflare Workers.

pnpm add prisma-edgeql // not published yet

  • 20+ stars on Github
  • Used on Production for