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Like Netflix for your daily food and groceries!

  • RoleFounder
  • StackSvelteKit, TypeScript, Html5, TailwindCSS, GraphQL, Drizzle, PlanetScale, Stytch, Cloudflare Workers
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Kuizto is like Netflix for your daily food and groceries! Get inspired, plan together, grocery shop, and cook deliciously simple meals.

Life is a combination of magic and pasta

My role

I started working on the product in Q2 2023, with an aim to launch a first version later this year.

As of today, I am the sole responsible for all aspects of the business including design, product development, market validation, customer feedback, and marketing/growth strategies.

Sneak peek of the Kuizto web app


  • Modern technology stack and toolings using Svelte (SvelteKit), to build fast interactive interfaces while keeping strong emphasis on web standards, accessibility, and SEO.

  • Secure cross-channel GraphQL API using a MySQL Vitess database hosted on PlanetScale and a data access layer using Drizzle ORM.

  • Designed for the Edge, with the entire infrastructure running serverless and close to users, inside Cloudflare Workers.